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The history department teaches students to think like historians.  We offer courses and individual instruction about every continent, exploring the richness of the past in order to understand the complexity of the present.

More than simply learning content, though, history students understand the process of studying the past.  Like their professors, students build connections with people and ideas of the past by investigating primary sources. This work in turn develops useful skills—critical reading, analysis, self-expression—that serve students well in and out of the department, when studying abroad, and in future careers.  The study of history thus begins an exploration that leads well beyond our campus.





Susquehanna student studying abroad

Study Away

With Susquehanna’s cross-cultural component of the Central Curriculum, you could find yourself examining the history of faraway lands and cultures. More »


Holly Belkot '13

Holly Belkot '13

An interest in the developing world, culture, and politics leads this SU senior from a semester spent in the Gambia to an opportunity with the Peace Corps after graduation.

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