Susquehanna Department of History See where our graduates have landed:  New York Yankees, Lockheed Martin, University of Texas, Boston University School of Law
Dedicated faculty interested in your long-term success.
Connect the past to the present. At Susquehanna, you'll apply what you learn to real-world situations.
Learn 21st-Century Skills: Your history major will prepare you for diverse career options in fields such as law, finance, higher education, operations and many more!


Historians may study the past, but here you’ll always be thinking about how the past informs the present. You will consider what motivates historians and what motivates you to study history. And you will learn how to apply what you learn to real-world situations.

History at Susquehanna is not about memorizing dates, names or significant events. You’ll learn to think critically, to connect the dots and analyze what you’ve found, and discover how to convey your ideas in compelling ways. This is what historians do.

Susquehanna Advantages:

Solid career preparation: You will acquire 21st-century skills relevant to many career fields, such as the ability to look at an issue from various perspectives, analyze data and explain why it matters. Our graduates practice law, direct financial institutions, work in higher education, teach, pursue graduate degrees, work in museums, and run companies. More »

Conduct primary research: You will conduct research on a topic you select, not one someone else chose for you. You’ll be doing your own work, supervised by faculty. You will master how to manage a mass of information, select the most salient points and manage a long-term project. Then you’ll present and defend it publicly. And you can do a non-traditional thesis. Instead of a paper, write high school curriculum or an illustrated story or even make a film. More »

Explore other interests: You’ll be able to complete a second major or minor in addition to your history degree requirements, and find many Global Opportunities (GO) programs that complement your studies. More »

Fast Facts

• 100 percent of students work with faculty to conduct and write original research, and then present their work publicly.

• All students take classes during their sophomore, junior and senior year that include focused work on career plans, résumés and job interviews.

• Nearly 100 percent of students complete their degree in four years, even those who pursue student teaching for secondary education.

• Unique courses offered, covering every continent and that study hip-hop, gender, medicine, piracy, clothes, war, race, revolution, movies, food and many other things you might not expect in a history class.


History (B.A.)

Bachelor of Arts degree program offered by the Department of History.

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The minor requires twenty semester hours of coursework. Housed in the Department of History.

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A New Twist on an Old Subject

A New Twist on an Old Subject

From Susquehanna Currents magazine: Susquehanna history faculty make the past new again, teaching valuable skills for any career path. More »

History club information

History Club information

Where fun and learning meet! Combine historical inquiry with social engagement and share your passion for history with like-minded students. More »


Holly Belkot '13

Holly Belkot '13

An interest in the developing world, culture, and politics leads this SU senior from a semester spent in the Gambia to an opportunity with the Peace Corps after graduation.

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