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HONS-250 Thought and the Natural Sciences

A history and philosophy of science course with a laboratory, focusing on science as a human activity. Through an examination of methods, explanations, limitations and applications of science, the student is given sufficient background to be able to recognize attributes of true science, pseudoscience and technology. In addition, the course introduces the student to the complexity of ethical, political and sociological issues that are the products of science and technology. The laboratory component of the course will include field trips and experiments to reinforce the student's concept of how scientific information is obtained and utilized. Although examples from biology, chemistry, earth and environmental sciences, and physics are used to illustrate the nature of science and how it changes, this course is not designed as an introduction to those disciplines. Rather, it is a general science course that attempts to demonstrate some trends in science and how a scientist works. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing. 4 SH. CC: Interdisciplinary, Scientific Explanations, Team Intensive, Writing Intensive.