HONS-450 Honors Research Project

The Honors program culminates in an experiential learning project to be completed in a minimum of two and a maximum of four semesters. This research project must address a topic not fully addressed by any specific course at SU. In case the topic relates to a course, a clear and detailed explanation is expected on how this honors project supersedes and transcends the classwork of other students in the respective course. If students choose a topic in their major, some degree of interdisciplinarity is nevertheless expected of their work. In the semester prior to the registration, Students must submit a research proposal describing the duration and methodology of the project and the final deliverable product. The proposal must name an advisor from the faculty that has agreed to supervise the project. The project may be interrupted for study abroad, and may be prolonged, should the advisor deem an extension necessary for quality assurance. Once completed, the project is publicly presented in events organized by the Honors program. Minimum of 2 SH. CC: Interdisciplinary. Capstone.