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Kathleen Bailey, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor | Psychology


I have always been driven by scientific curiosity and a desire to learn. After my young son was diagnosed with ADHD, I decided to enroll in college as a non-traditional student, in part, to understand more about how ADHD affected brain function. Two undergraduate courses—biopsychology and neuroscience—provided answers to many of my questions and focused my career interests. In addition to my graduate training, completing a post-doctoral fellowship in the Laboratory of Behavioral Neuroscience at the National Institute of Mental Health provided an opportunity to conduct research on the impact of neurological and psychological disorders on normal brain function.

There is so much out there to learn and know!

The great thing about psychology majors at Susquehanna is their interest in getting involved in research—and connecting academics with real world situations. It says a lot about the caliber of students we have here. They’re not content to sit in a classroom and take notes. They are intellectually curious, and want to understand how and why a particular process works.

The research component of our undergraduate curriculum at Susquehanna reminds me more of my own graduate program. It’s very satisfying to work one-on-one with students. I get to understand more about them and their interests. They benefit from the mentoring relationship by gaining experience with the research process and better insight into specific career paths in psychology. We forge a professional relationship of scientific inquiry and discovery.

I would describe my students as excited, motivated and compassionate. Many combine psychology with other majors, like business and the arts. They’re interested in using their knowledge to do things like shape policies and improve on what’s being done in society today. Pretty impressive goals!

The ability to combine research with teaching is very exciting for me. I would not be satisfied working strictly on research. Teaching provides a window for engaging and exciting students about scientific discovery. On any given day, I can go into my classroom and say, "Look at these findings," and we can have an informed discussion. I’ve found my niche with this combination!

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