Bill Richards portrait

The Rebirth of Psychedelic Research – Faith, Revelation and Healing

Bill Richards 

Psychologist, Johns Hopkins Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research
Senior advisor, Sunstone Therapies

Feb. 26, 2024 at 7:30 p.m. 

Degenstein Center Theater


Involved in psychedelic research since 1963, Bill Richards has implemented projects with LSD, DPT, MDA and psilocybin to investigate the promise of psychedelics in the treatment of alcoholism, depression, narcotic addiction and the psychological distress associated with terminal cancer and the use of psychedelics in the training of religious and mental-health professionals. 

His recent research at Johns Hopkins, in collaboration with colleagues at New York University, has focused on the potential value of psilocybin in the continuing education of professional religious leaders from different world religions. His book,  Sacred Knowledge: Psychedelics and Religious Experiences, published by Columbia University Press, has been translated into multiple languages.

Richards received a Master of Divinity at Yale University before going on to earn his doctorate at Catholic University. He studied with Abraham Maslow at Brandeis University and with Hanscarl Leuner at Georg-August University in Göttingen, Germany. 

Richards will be available to sign copies of his book, Sacred Knowledge: Psychedelics and Religious Experiences, which will be available for purchase in the Degenstein Center Theater lobby before and after the lecture.

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