Becoming an actuary is a great career choice for our mathematic and business majors.

As an actuary, you’ll assess the risk of events occurring and create solutions that minimize risk and its financial impact on companies.

A hurricane hits the East Coast. An employee embezzles company funds. A pension fund is running out of money. Insuring against risks like these is a huge industry. And insurers always need actuaries who can assess the risk of potential scenarios, such as natural disasters, corporate mismanagement, accidents and terrorism.

By adding an actuarial science minor to your business or math major, you’ll learn how to evaluate financial risk so that you can design, analyze and refine programs to help meet the insurance needs of society.

An actuarial science minor is right for you if you have a strong interest in mathematics and business. Courses in accounting, economics and business are offered through our Sigmund Weis School of Business.

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