Study the traditions and experiences of people of African descent all over the world in our Africana Studies minor.

History, philosophy, political science, economics, anthropology, sociology, literature, music and theatre come together to help you understand and analyze key aspects of black life in Africa, the Caribbean and the United States.

Inside Africana Studies

In our culturally diverse society, it’s essential to become familiar with African, African-American, and Caribbean cultures, traditions and values.

Faculty from a range of academic disciplines teach in our Africana Studies minor. From a history professor, you’ll learn how the Civil Rights movement actually began in the 1860s. From a music professor, you’ll take a closer look at the development of jazz. With a philosophy professor, you’ll compare Plato’s Republic to HBO’s The Wire.

This minor pairs well with any of our majors, but may be of particular interest to philosophy, history, sociology, political science and theatre students.

No matter your background, Africana Studies will expand your worldview and enhance your understanding of your own heritage in interaction with other cultures.

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Genovee Dominguez ’19

“I wholeheartedly will say that the Africana studies program was one of the best decisions I made.”

Taishiana Tsosie ’21

“Understanding people who are different from you stimulates thoughtful discussion, connections and provokes a different form of academic achievement.”

Zaida Bryant ’19

“The program has expanded my worldview and helped me to understand more about my own culture.”

Jahmir Wilson ’20

“Having thought-provoking classes will make me a more well-rounded individual going into the future.”

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