Limitless imagination from historied art inspiration

Studying art history provokes a deep understanding of our collective consciousness and world influences.

From the ancient cave drawings at Altamira to Banksy’s street art, humans rely on art to communicate their vision of themselves and their world. Take this journey with Susquehanna faculty, who will share their scholarly expertise in visual analysis, critical thinking and research to enrichen your analytical skills and help you interconnect the world of art.

You will gain new perspectives from art history classes that address contemporary issues such as economics, politics, diversity, gender studies and social justice. You can double major or add a minor in studio art, museum studies, anthropology, foreign languages or environmental studies. In addition to having access to nearby major art cities such as New York City, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Susquehanna makes study abroad easy and affordable, where you can explore art in historied world settings.

Imagine presenting a paper at a conference. Or manage an exhibition as you run the Lore Degenstein Gallery on campus as a paid employee or intern. You will be ready to step right into a professional career in and outside of the arts, working in museums, galleries or educational and cultural institutions, or pursue graduate studies.

of majors participate in regional and national art history and humanities conferences
of majors and minors lead tours of curated and traveling contemporary art exhibitions at the Lore Degenstein Gallery

Discover the world of visual creation at Susquehanna

Take a brief tour of the Department of Art and Design from our passionate values to our students’ active learning experiences.

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 “Art history majors at Susquehanna University engage in rigorous academic work and gain out-of-the classroom practical experience that allows them to grow intellectually, professionally, emotionally and socially.” 

Izabel Galliera, assistant professor of art history

Potential Careers

  • Museum curatorship
  • Gallery management
  • UX/marketing
  • Appraisal
  • Content creation

Recent Employers

  • Christie’s Auction House
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Portland Museum of Art
  • Sanford Alderfer Auction Companies
  • Susquehanna Art Museum

Graduate Placement

  • University of Edinburgh
  • Temple University
  • Boston University 

Students study confluence of art and activism 

Art history is one of the many disciplines that can be a powerful force for change. In a world brimming with debates on civil rights, war and social issues, art activism emerges as a transformative tool. Discover how Alex Gabriel ’24 and Morgan Hough ’24 dive into the depths of art activism, examining its evolution that shapes our modern society.

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Studying for a Degree in Art History

Explore the courses you’ll take on your journey to earning a degree in art history at Susquehanna.

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