Highly individualized experience in studio practice

Majors work towards the development of a cohesive body of work that demonstrates a distinctive personal style. The program emphasizes the mastery of a broad range of fundamental skills, with a focused experience in one technique or medium. Majors are well versed in historical and contemporary art, and are given numerous opportunities to exhibit their work, travel, and receive feedback from faculty and peers.

Prior to graduation, students will professionally mount a public exhibition of the work in The Lore Degenstein Gallery, where they will gain experience in a professional gallery with museum standards.

Required independent coursework and a cross-disciplinary approach allow students to investigate and experiment with multiple ways of creating art. Students are encouraged and given ample time to develop a distinctive and personal visual style.

Career options

There are numerous opportunities following graduation for those with a degree in the studio arts. Our students normally enroll in Master of Fine Arts programs to further develop and nurture their skills. However, graduates may also choose a career in a gallery or museum, or as a professional artist or illustrator, artist-in-residence, art buyer, or corporate consultant.

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