Work in health care or biomedical research

Thinking about medical school or other health professions? Our biomedical sciences major is for you!

This versatile program will fully prepare you for any health-related field. Focused on health sciences, it still leaves ample room for developing other interests that enhance your application to professional schools.

If you want to be a health care professional, you may also wish to consider biology, biochemistry, chemistry, neuroscience and psychology as they are great points of entry to a career in health care. Many academic majors will prepare you for admission to professional schools if you also complete the required pre-requisite courses.

Jump into a career as a biomedical researcher or continue your studies to work in health care as a:

  • physician (MD and DO)
  • dentist
  • veterinarian
  • optometrist
  • physical therapist
  • pharmacist
  • podiatrist

You’ll also be ready for graduate study programs in biomedicine — including cell and molecular biology, cancer biology, immunology or microbiology — and to work in biomedical research.

Ace your entrance exams

Build a solid foundation in biology, chemistry and physics while also taking applied courses in anatomy and the social sciences, such as sociology and psychology. You’ll also have a solid research background with your capstone research project, either in health care or on another topic.

You’ll meet the requirements for admission to medical school and other professional programs and have all the courses you need to thoroughly prepare for entrance exams such as the MCAT, DAT,OAT and PCAT.

These exams require significant science coursework plus an emphasis on the social sciences. Our liberal arts curriculum is perfectly positioned to give you the broad-based critical thinking, reading, writing and communicating foundation you need to excel on the exam and as a practitioner.

Explore other interests

Our program is flexible so that you can fully explore your interests beyond science and add a second major or a minor. Our interdisciplinary minors help you gain a better understanding of important topics in today’s world.

For example, want to provide health care in a Spanish-speaking community? Pick up a Spanish minor! Have a passion for music? A competitive athlete? No problem! You can do that here.

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