A launch pad to your bright future

Biochemistry is one of the most exciting degrees you can pursue in college.

You will apply chemical and physical principles to increase your knowledge of the complex chemical reactions among molecules in biological systems.

Learn to more fully understand life by studying the chemical relationship with the environment. The uses for this knowledge are astounding.

  • Unlock human genomes
  • Study genetic mutations and evolution
  • Cure devastating diseases
  • Make a difference

Work closely with biochemistry faculty on research using the latest equipment and technology — chromatography systems, laser systems and a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer. Get comfortable in a modern laboratory setting doing research with our first class faculty.

Cutting-edge science, practical implications

Want to use a degree in biochemistry to go to medical school? Smart choice.

With a liberal arts background and valuable research experience, you’ll be better prepared to succeed on the latest version of the MCAT exam — which now includes questions on the biochemical foundations of living systems and an increased emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving. Our interdisciplinary minors help you gain a better understanding of important topics in today’s world.

Or you’ll be ready to step right into a job or a graduate program because of your experience on a research internship and/or presenting research at national conferences.


Lasers, spectrometers and a superconducting NMR, oh my!

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