The future of medicine

Discovery at the intersection of biology and chemistry.

Do the secret lives of cells engage your imagination? Are you interested in exploring metabolic pathways in cells? Do you want to know how the cell fixes broken DNA? Do you dream of finding treatments for cancers? The world of biochemistry is blowing the lid off drug research and development.

Biochemistry has benefitted human life for generations. Here are a few of the ways:

  • The invention of antibiotics
  • Understanding the structure of DNA
  • Development of bioluminescent markers
  • Discovery of gene therapy for inherited diseases
  • Utilizing mRNA for vaccines such as COVID

You can personalize your experience at Susquehanna with an American Chemical Society track or a biology-focused track.

Do you want to use a biochemistry degree to attend medical school? Smart choice. With a liberal arts background and multiyear research experiences, you’ll be better prepared to succeed on the latest version of the MCAT exam, which now includes questions on the biochemical foundations of living systems and an increased emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving.

Pharmacy school, dental school, nutrition programs and other healthcare-related fields are possible options. Or you’ll be ready to step right into a job or a graduate program because of your experience with a research internship and/or presenting research at national conferences.

of students conduct research with faculty by their junior year
of graduates attend graduate programs, medical school or other pre-professional programs
in recent NSF funding for scholarships, summer research funding, and major instrumentation
of students present their research at the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society

Hands-on experience from day one

With a degree in Chemistry or Biochemistry from Susquehanna, you’ll be prepared for a variety of career pathways. 

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“I was drawn to the biochemistry program at Susquehanna because of the opportunity to start research as early as my first year, the accessibility of faculty mentors and the ability to incorporate courses that fit with my career goals. The education I received prepared me well for medical school.”

Matthew Dickson ’20

Potential Careers

  • General medical practitioner or nurse
  • Dentist or orthodontist
  • Veterinarian
  • Pharmacist
  • Biomedical engineer
  • Researcher

Recent Employers

  • Moderna
  • The Broad Institute
  • Penn State Hershey
  • University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Average Salary


2021 median pay for chemists

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Cultivating confidence in biochemistry research

Research can be daunting, but at Susquehanna, you’ll build your competence under your faculty mentor’s watchful eye. Plus, a flexible program with state-of-the-art facilities lets you complement your biochemistry major with other fields of study. Learn how students are growing their research skills at Susquehanna.

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Studying for a Degree in Biochemistry

Explore the courses you’ll take on your journey to earning a degree in biochemistry at Susquehanna.

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