For the comm major that wants it all

As a communication arts major, you’ll have the freedom to assemble your own degree track that aligns with your interests and talents. You’ll choose from an array of courses to follow your interests, develop your abilities and build your own experience. The range of communication skills you’ll learn will prepare you for a career in an infinite number of industries and roles.

Channel your creativity

You’ll take courses from different mass communication fields, including audio and video production, advertising and public relations, fiction and nonfiction writing, sports media, as well as research and critical theory. With this holistic approach to cultivating your skills, you’ll develop strategies to communicate effectively in your future workplace.

Great for transfer students or double majors

Employers are hungry for employees with strong written and oral communications skills. Our communication arts major pairs well as a double major in a variety of fields — from business and creative writing to political science and psychology.

The flexibility built into this major program will allow you to stay on track to graduate while you explore your interests within the communication arts major.

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