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Our earth and environmental sciences program links the study of hydrology, geology, meteorology and soil science—water, rocks, air and soil—to explore how Earth's systems work and how humans impact those systems.

Earth and environmental science graduates go on to successful careers as environmental consultants, wetland scientists, mapping specialists and more. They also earn graduate degrees in a range of subjects.

You can also choose to study ecology—which examines the interactions between all living things and the nonliving environment—or pursue environmental studies, which incorporates science, law and policy to look at pressing environmental issues.

Help Make The Susquehanna River Cleaner

Many of our students are involved with the Freshwater Research Institute, which includes a dedicated laboratory and state-of-the-art equipment for river research.


Which Environmental Science Is Right for Me?

Earth and environmental sciences, environmental studies, ecology ... they sound remarkably similar. How do you decide which one is right for you? Here's your cheat sheet on these three fields.

  • Earth and environmental sciences studies the nonliving components of our environment and how they impact living things. Think of it as the study of water, rocks, air and soil.
  • Ecology examines the intersections between all living things and the nonliving environment. Unlike earth and environmental sciences, the primary focus is living organisms.
  • Environmental studies is the major for you if you want to advocate for the environment or work for a nonprofit or non-governmental organization (NGO). This program incorporates science, law and policy to look at pressing environmental issues.

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