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What could matter more than Earth itself? As an earth and environmental sciences major at Susquehanna University, you will gain a deep understanding of the nonliving components of our environment, such as water, rocks, air and soil, as well as their dynamic interactions. You also examine how those components impact all living things, as well as how humans impact the environments upon which all living things depend.

Study hydrology, geology, weather, soil science and more. Spend purposeful time outdoors at our 87-acre field station, where you’ll deepen your academic learning and develop a profound scientific understanding of the world around you. Gain intensive experience doing active lab work under the guidance of your professors and in close collaboration with your classmates. Choose from our many internships and research projects with area partners such as the Chesapeake Conservancy or the Middle Susquehanna Riverkeeper Association. All these studies, activities and experiences combine to give you the skills you’ll need to tackle the environmental projects you’ll encounter in your career.

Your studies will culminate in a senior research project you’ll complete in close collaboration with a faculty member. The project allows you to apply everything you’ve learned to a current environmental or earth science question. You’ll even have the chance to present your findings to an audience of professionals at a regional or national conference, which is guaranteed to impress your employers.

of majors attend graduate school
of graduates find employment in the energy, sustainability or consulting industries
of graduates work in the nonprofit, NGO or government sectors
of graduates have careers in conservation and outdoor education

Environmental sleuthing

Earth and environmental sciences professor Daniel Ressler uses the toolkits of biology and chemistry to examine the effects of fracking on Pennsylvania waterways.

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Image of Daniel Ressler.

Potential Careers

  • Environmental consultant
  • Environmental scientist
  • Natural resource manager
  • Geographical Information System (GIS) specialist
  • Environmental educator

Recent Employers

  • Pennsylvania and New Jersey Departments of Environmental Protection
  • Chesapeake Environmental Management
  • Delmarva Power
  • Langan Engineering and Environmental Services
  • Laurel Environmental Associates

Which environmental degree should I choose?

Choosing the right environmental major can be a challenging task, as Earth & Environmental Sciences, Environmental Studies and Ecology share many similarities.

Earth & Environmental Sciences

Earth & Environmental Sciences examines the nonliving components of our environment and how they impact living things. It’s the scientific study of water, rocks, air and soil and their dynamic interactions. You’ll take courses in hydrology, geology, weather, soil science and more, with lots of hands-on field and lab work, culminating in a research collaboration with faculty.


Ecology is a branch of biology that examines how organisms interact with each other and their environment. You’ll take courses in biology and environmental sciences. Field and lab projects are an integral part of this major and every student completes a research project with faculty.

Environmental Studies

Environmental studies is an interdisciplinary field that explores the relationships between human, non-human and non-living earth systems at different levels. You’ll learn to address environmental challenges caused by humans, including climate change and environmental injustice. Courses include natural and social sciences, literature, religion, politics and business.

A new way to restore ancient mosaics

Imagine bringing an ancient Roman site back to life. That’s exactly what earth and environmental sciences professor Ahmed Lachhab did when he helped archeologists in Morocco using the same techniques he did to study lakes in Pennsylvania.

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Studying for a Degree in Earth & Environmental Sciences

Explore the courses you’ll take on your journey to earning a degree in earth and environmental sciences at Susquehanna.

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