ESL Program Specialist Dual Certification

This four-course program consisting of LANG-360, EDUC-440, EDUC-441, and EDUC-442 is only open to students enrolled in an Education program. The program is most compatible with the program requirements of Early Childhood Education (ECE) majors, but it is also open to students pursuing a secondary education certification and to Music Education majors. Upon successful completion of the four courses and their integrated field experiences (60 hours), teacher candidates will be eligible for the dual certification and potential employment as ESL Program Specialists in PreK - 12 settings. The ESL program prepares teachers to address the learning needs of English Language Learners (ELLs) in inclusive settings, as well as to coach and support classroom teachers who are not similarly trained but have ELLs in their classrooms.

Students seeking the ESL Program Specialist certification are eligible to begin course work upon completion of prerequisite courses (EDUC-101, -102 and -350) and sophomore class standing. Students must earn an A- in EDUC-350 and must submit a program application available through the Education Department in order to enroll in ESL certification courses.

With the English as a second language program specialist certification, you can gain the experience and expertise to support English language learners. The special education certification, available through Dec. 2021, will prepare you to work with students with special needs.

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