Follow the footsteps of your unforgettable high school teacher

You probably had a great teacher or two, people who were inspiring and funny and smart. They saw the world the same way you did, only clearer, and helped you see it more clearly too. They believed in you and treated with dignity, like someone capable of contributing to the world and making a happy adult life for yourself. At Susquehanna University, you can become that favorite teacher to generations of future students.

Starting your first year, you’ll go into secondary classrooms and get field experience right away. You’ll do observations, tutor one-on-one, lead small groups and more. You can even take advantage of our study abroad opportunity in Chester, England, so you can add international classroom experience to your résumé. Adding a certification such as English as a Second Language (ESL), leadership or diversity studies can make your application even more relevant and marketable. By the time you start student teaching your senior year, you’ll already have more than a 150 hours of classroom experience, so you’ll walk in like a pro.

You’ll graduate with the academic expertise to shine in your discipline and be comfortable no matter where you land your first teaching job. Your professors will help you find a position, just as they did the graduates before you, nearly all of whom got accepted into a job or grad school within six months.

of students study abroad
of students develop practitioner skills

Alumna Finalist for National Teacher of the Year

What keeps Carolyn Kuhr ’98 Kielma coming back to teaching year after year is not the biology content she teaches, but the connections she shares with her students. Kielma was named Connecticut’s 2022 Teacher of the Year by Gov. Ned Lamont and the Connecticut State Department of Education.

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Carolyn Kuhr '98 Kielma accepts her award for Connecticut's Teacher of the Year.

“The education I have received at Susquehanna in secondary education and mathematics provided me with the necessary knowledge to tutor high school students during my student teaching placement. My senior capstone project allowed me to combine my math and music abilities into one creative, culminating presentation. This kind of cross-curricular work is exactly the type of project I hope to incorporate into my future classroom.”

Parker Potter ’23

Potential Careers

  • High school teacher
  • English teacher abroad
  • School administrator
  • Graduate school

Recent Employers

  • Pennsylvania public schools
  • New York public schools
  • New Jersey public schools
  • Teach for America
  • Maritime Academy Charter School

Average Salary


2021 median pay for high school teachers

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Leapfrog to a job from an internship 

Kristin Leary ’16 taught English in Sevilla, Spain, which put her at the head of the class for getting a job teaching Spanish in the U.S.

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Kristen Leary '16

Major & Teaching Certification

Our curriculum will prepare you for certification in these areas:

Biochemistry: General Science (7-12)
Biology: Biology, General Science (7-12)
Chemistry: Chemistry, General Science (7-12)
Creative Writing: English (7-12)
English: English (7-12)
French: French (K-12)
German: German (K-12)
History: Citizenship Education, Social Studies (7-12)

Mathematics: Mathematics (7-12)
Music Education: Music Education (K-12)
Physics: Physics, General Science (7-12)
Political Science: Citizenship Education, Social Studies (7-12)
Psychology: Social Studies (7-12)
Sociology/Anthropology: Social Studies (7-12)
Spanish: Spanish (K-12)

In addition to the above list, Business and Art majors can complete teacher certification after graduation by applying to SU’s Teacher Intern Program. For more information, click here.

Studying for a Degree in Secondary Education

Explore the courses you’ll take on your journey to earning a degree in secondary education at Susquehanna.

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