Susquehanna University’s Writers Institute—the hub for all things creative writing-related at SU—has many exciting opportunities for high school creative writers:

Check out Apprentice Writer, our literary journal dedicated to publishing high school creative writing. Read the recent issue here and learn how to submit your own writing for publication and prizes!

Come to Creative Writing Day for feedback on your poetry, fiction, and other creative writing!

Apply to our creative writing major and win one of our eleven scholarships to study creative writing at Susquehanna. Find out about the portfolio application process for admission and scholarships here.

Attend our summer workshop for high school writers!

Email us to join our mailing list for invitations to free creative writing workshops and events!

Questions about program and opportunities? Email us at

  • <div class="spotlight one-image-module"> <div class="content"> <div class="info-box"> <p class="h3"> APPRENTICE WRITER </p> <div class="info-box"> <div class="col-xs-12"> <p> Publishes poems, stories and personal essays by high school students from schools throughout the nation. It has a circulation of 11,000 and is distributed each September. It is edited and produced, in part, by Susquehanna writing students. </p> <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">READ MORE</a> </div> </div> </div> <div class="image-right"> <picture class="lw_image"> <source type="image/webp" srcset="/live/image/gid/21/width/680/src_region/0,0,680,420/1097_apprentice-writer-tmod.rev.1623331247.webp 1x"/> <source type="image/jpeg" srcset="/live/image/gid/21/width/680/src_region/0,0,680,420/1097_apprentice-writer-tmod.rev.1623331247.jpg 1x"/> <img src="/live/image/gid/21/width/680/src_region/0,0,680,420/1097_apprentice-writer-tmod.rev.1623331247.jpg" alt="" width="680" height="420" data-max-w="680" data-max-h="420" loading="lazy"/> </picture> </div> </div> </div>
  • <div class="spotlight one-image-module"> <div class="content"> <div class="info-box"> <p class="h3"> CHECK OUT ALL YOUR OPTIONS! VIEW THE COURSE CATALOG. </p> <div class="info-box"> <div class="col-xs-12"> <p>   </p> <p> The course catalog is the compilation of all the amazing classes and programs being offered at Susquehanna during a given academic year. For more information about the courses being offered, programs available, and much more, download the catalog and dig in. </p> <a href="/academics/course-catalog/">SEE THE 2020-2021 COURSE CATALOG</a> </div> </div> </div> <div class="image-right"> <picture class="lw_image"> <source type="image/webp" srcset="/live/image/gid/21/width/680/src_region/0,0,680,420/1098_library-photo-text-2.rev.1623332866.webp 1x"/> <source type="image/jpeg" srcset="/live/image/gid/21/width/680/src_region/0,0,680,420/1098_library-photo-text-2.rev.1623332866.jpg 1x"/> <img src="/live/image/gid/21/width/680/src_region/0,0,680,420/1098_library-photo-text-2.rev.1623332866.jpg" alt="" width="680" height="420" data-max-w="680" data-max-h="420" loading="lazy"/> </picture> </div> </div> </div>
  • <div class="spotlight one-image-module"> <div class="content"> <div class="info-box"> <p class="h3"> INSIDE PROFESSIONAL & CIVIC WRITING </p> <p> Do you love to write and want to make a difference? Consider our professional and civic writing minor.</p> <p> You’ll be trained to make effective choices in your writing that respond to strategic considerations of audience and purpose.</p> <p> You’ll learn to listen carefully and negotiate among diverse points of view; navigate complex ethical challenges; and cultivate the rhetorical flexibility necessary for locating and analyzing information across multiple genres and media.</p> <p> The minor pairs perfectly with majors in environmental studies, public policy, history, communications, marketing, creative writing, political science and English.</p> <p> With a professional and civic writing minor, you’ll be ready to work in a variety of fields, including law, education, government, library science, publishing, editing, marketing and public advocacy.</p> </div> <div class="image-right"/> </div> </div>

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