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You have a mind for the rise and fall of empires. You can see that it’s difficult to truly understand today’s cultures and governments without examining the forces that shaped them. You know that only by looking back with wisdom will we make smart decisions that influence the lives of communities large and small for the better. Besides, you know the history of the human race makes a darn good story.

When you join your fellow history majors at Susquehanna University, you become a vibrant part of the longest-running and most compelling conversations known to humankind. Work closely with funny, fascinating and compassionate professors. Be the one in the know about everything that’s happening in the world and why. You’ll examine the mightiest characters, the most monumental events and the brightest ideas the human race has ever dreamt.

Make no mistake, the classroom conversations might be cool, but the skills you learn while honing your wit and increasing your wisdom are invaluable to countless careers. You will prepare yourself for work that’s rewarding, impressive and meaningful. Develop much-needed skills in critical thinking, reason and analysis and writing and communication. Construct a vast foundational knowledge for local, national and international government, policy and political science, education and law. Fascinating scholarships, internships and research opportunities will launch you into successful careers where there’s a real demand for your priceless skills and unique perspective.

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Susquehanna is an internship matchmaker

ROTC candidate Preston Isom ’23 was thrilled when he landed an internship with the Fort Sill National Landmark and Museum and the U.S. Army Artillery Museum in Oklahoma. He says, “I’m interested in making history approachable to a wide audience, and museums are the premier way to do so.” Nearly all Susquehanna students complete internships, and the university supports them in every way.

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Fort Sill, Oklahoma - May 2016 US Army Field Artillery Museum outdoor display.

“I took a course called History Methods that taught students specific skills of a historian.
It was an intensive data-based and methodology class that culminated in a research project. I learned to articulate and explain analyses, both written and oral. These skills have been fundamental in preparing me for my career.”

Tiffani Lopez ’18

Potential Careers

  • Lawyer
  • Financial planner
  • Museum curator
  • High school teacher
  • College professor

Recent Employers

  • Manhattan District Attorney’s Office
  • National Archives and Records Administration
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • S. Army
  • Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Studying for a Degree in History

Explore the courses you’ll take on your journey to earning a degree in history at Susquehanna.

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