Be immersed in Italian language and culture

Become a confident writer, reader, listener and speaker in Italian.

We take a content-based approach to learning language at Susquehanna. So you’ll take classes on the Italian economy or Mafia in Italian literature — taught entirely in Italian.

With our small classes and low student-to-teacher ratio, you’ll get plenty of one-on-one attention as you work toward fluency.

We strive to create an Italian-speaking community in and out of the classroom. Chat with fellow students and an Italian Fulbright fellow at weekly language tables, enjoy dinner at an Italian restaurant with your class, or catch an Italian movie with our Italian Club.

Flexible study abroad options in Italy

Through our award-winning global opportunities (GO) program, you can choose to study in Italy for a whole semester or just a few weeks.

Spend a semester connecting with native speakers in study abroad programs in Siena and other Italian cities. You’ll live with host families, make long-lasting friendships, do internships and take courses in a broad array of disciplines.

Either way, you’ll bring back firsthand knowledge of Italian culture and a grasp of the language only achieved through immersion.

A host of possibilities

Mastering Italian will increase your marketability in fields in which Italy is a world economic leader, including the culinary arts, fashion, tourism, art and more. Adding one of our interdisciplinary minors, like applied linguistics and international studies, help you gain a better understanding of important topics in today’s world.

An Italian minor can make you more competitive when pursuing careers in business, the arts, education, politics, government, publishing, research, and many others.



Study Abroad Opportunities

Sant’Anna Institute, Sorrento

Take a variety of courses including archeology, art history, and volcanology in an impressive historic structure perched on the cliffs of the Amalfi coast.

Siena Italian Studies

With service-learning and internship opportunities as well as homestays, you’ll get a full-immersion experience surrounded by the beautiful Tuscan countryside.


Study architecture, anthropology and Italian politics in the City of Seven Hills.

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