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Being an international scholar has competitive advantages.

For you to excel, we guarantee you an international internship as a student in our international business program. Many students study in another country, but how many get to work in one before they graduate? Our award-winning Global Opportunities study abroad program also offers added overseas learning. Employers will value your experience living in another country, working in a foreign business environment and engaging with diverse cultures.

You'll graduate from Susquehanna ready to compete against other top candidates seeking employment in international business, marketing, accounting, government, human resources, trade, finance and non-profit work.

Because our bold curriculum is rooted in the liberal arts, you will develop essential skills that employers seek, like writing, teamwork, presentations, critical thinking, interpersonal relationships and leadership.

Further expand your horizons by adding a business minor, such as finance or marketing, or an interdisciplinary minor like international studies, to gain a deeper understanding of important topics in today's world.

World-Class Accredited Degree Opens Doors

Our Sigmund Weis School of Business is accredited by AACSB International. Less than 5% of the 15,000+ business programs worldwide have earned AACSB accreditation, making our program part of an elite group. For you, it means top companies will recognize the high quality of your degree, often offering higher, more competitive salaries.

The powerful combination of our AACSB-accredited program and global experiences prepare you for a successful career. Whether you ultimately work in the U.S. or elsewhere, you'll have an edge with international perspective and proficiency.

Ninety-eight percent of Susquehanna graduates have jobs within six months of graduation.

Recent graduates are employed:

Black Rock
Ernst & Young
Farleigh Dickinson University
Goldman Sachs & Co.
Hershey Co.
Highmark Blue Shield
JPMorgan Chase
Lockheed Martin
Merck & Co.
Newell Rubbermaid
Ross Stores
State Street Global Advisors
Zurich Financial Services

Requirements for the Majors offered by the Management and Marketing Department. Students complete the business foundation courses and a major in international business, luxury brand marketing and management, management, or marketing. No grade below C- will be accepted to fulfill major requirements or in any foundation course.

Double-counting restriction: no student may have more than one major in the Sigmund Weis School of Business.

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Business Foundation Courses

Year 1

4 ECON-201 Principles of Macroeconomics
4 ECON-202 Principles of Microeconomics
4 MGMT-202 Business Statistics
or MATH-108 Introduction to Statistics
or MATH-109 Statistics for Social Sciences
or MATH-180 Statistical Methods
or PSYC-123 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

Year 2

4 INFS-174 Database Data Collection and Modeling
4 ACCT-200 Financial Accounting
4 ACCT-210 Legal Environment
2 INFS-233 Data Driven Decision Making
4 MGMT-240 Principles of Management
4 MKTG-280 Marketing
2 MGMT-105 Introduction to Professional Development

Year 3

4 ACCT-330 Cost Management
4 FINC-340 Corporate Financial Management

Year 4

4 INFS-472 Data Insight and Visualization
4 MGMT-400 Business Policy and Strategy
4 MGMT-404 Global Business Ethics

No grade below a C- will be accepted toward graduation for foundation courses; upon earning a grade below C- in a foundation course, the student must retake the course the next semester in which it is offered. The course descriptions listed later in the catalog identify prerequisites, and these suggest a certain degree of order in completing the foundation. In addition to the foundation, first-semester business students enroll in MGMT-102 Global Business Perspectives (four semester hours), which provides an introduction to liberal studies and college life, as well as an overview of business functional areas, career opportunities and the Sigmund Weis School curriculum. This course satisfies the Perspectives requirement of the Central Curriculum.

International Business Major. International Business majors develop the cross-cultural and business skills to effectively manage all types of enterprises in a global environment as well as prepare local and national organizations to expand across international borders. This major integrates both a theoretical and applied background in International Business. Students are required to complete an International Internship which enables them to experience first-hand, the differences and challenges in working in a foreign environment while developing an understanding and appreciation of other cultures. This major is intended for students who want to actively participate in our diverse, dynamic and interdependent global economy. The international business major requires completion of the business foundation, an internship in a foreign country and completion of the following classes:

4 FINC-345 International Financial Management
4 MGMT-350 International Business
4 ECON-338 International Political Economy
2 MGMT-410 International Management
2 MKTG-317 International Marketing
2 MGMT-466 Negotiations

0-4     International Internship (uncredited, or students may choose to apply an additional 2-4 semester hours beyond what is required for the major)

4        semester hours selected from the following courses:

4 FINC-345 International Financial Management
4 MGMT-350 International Business
4 ECON-338 International Political Economy
2 MGMT-410 International Management
2 MKTG-317 International Marketing
2 MGMT-466 Negotiations
4 POLI-320 African Politics
4 POLI-321 European Union
4 POLI-331 American Foreign Policy
4 POLI-334 International Organizations and Law
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