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Be the key to business success

Marketing is more than just creating buzz. It can mean the difference between a business that succeeds and one that fails.

As a marketer, you need to understand and evaluate competitors, make decisions on product development and determine distribution strategies.

Most of all, you need to research your customers to help deliver a product or service that meets their desires as well as the goals of your organization.

You'll learn all that here—in class and through extensive real-world experience and internships. We've been ranked a top 10 best college in Pennsylvania to pursue a marketing degree by Zippia Inc.

You'll take classes on marketing research and consumer behavior, dive into the details of retailing, and learn about the essentials of e-commerce.

How many marketing graduates can say they completed an internship with an international business? You'll have an employment edge if you study through our London Program, designed just for business students.

Versatile skills to suit any industry

Stand out from the competition with a degree from our AACSB-accredited Sigmund Weis School of Business.

Marketing is integral to any successful business plan. You'll have the skills and knowledge necessary to work in nearly any industry. Our marketing graduates have gone on to jobs at Yelp, PetSmart, American Express and HorizonMedia.

Our interdisciplinary minors, like leadership and international studies, help you gain a better understanding of important topics in today’s world. Retail, manufacturing, law, politics finance, health care, higher education and the arts—you'll be career-ready.

Our students get jobs and internships at:

American Express
BWG Strategy
Check Point
Corporation Service Company
FDM Group
Market Bridge
Market Metrics
Mayer Brown
Medical Components Inc
Nologo MGMT
Nucleus Brands
Social Code
Sparks Group
Smathers Branson
Techtronic Industries
Wyndham Worldwide

Requirements for the Majors offered by the Management Department. Students complete the business foundation courses and a major in business administration, finance, global management, luxury brand marketing and management, or marketing. No grade below C- will be accepted to fulfill major requirements or in any foundation course.

Semester Hours View Full Course Catalog >>

Business Foundation Courses

Year 1

4 ECON-201 Principles of Macroeconomics
4 ECON-202 Principles of Microeconomics
4 MGMT-202 Business Statistics
or MATH-108 Introduction to Statistics
or MATH-109 Statistics for Social Sciences
or MATH-180 Statistical Methods
or PSYC-123 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

Year 2

4 INFS-174 Database Systems Analysis and Design
4 ACCT-200 Financial Accounting
4 ACCT-210 Legal Environment
4 MGMT-203 Quantitative Methods for Business and Economic Decisions
4 MGMT-240 Principles of Management
4 MKTG-280 Marketing
2 MGMT-105 Introduction to Professional Development

Year 3

4 ACCT-330 Cost Management
4 FINC-340 Corporate Financial Management

Year 4

4 INFS-472 Management Support Systems
4 MGMT-400 Business Policy and Strategy
4 MGMT-404 Global Business Ethics

No grade below a C- will be accepted toward graduation for foundation courses; upon earning a grade below C- in a foundation course, the student must retake the course the next semester in which it is offered. The course descriptions listed later in the catalog identify prerequisites, and these suggest a certain degree of order in completing the foundation. In addition to the foundation, first-semester business students enroll in MGMT-102 Global Business Perspectives (four semester hours), which provides an introduction to liberal studies and college life, as well as an overview of business functional areas, career opportunities and the Sigmund Weis School curriculum. This course satisfies the Perspectives requirement of the Central Curriculum.

Marketing Major. Marketing involves managing the interface between an organization and its customers by determining their needs and behaviors and delivering need-satisfying value to them while meeting the organization's goals. Marketing has a fundamental role in virtually all business decisions and in directing the efforts of customer-driven organizations. Marketing is essential not only to retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers, but also to attorneys, accountants, museums, hospitals, colleges, and performing arts and political action groups.

The marketing major requires completion of the business foundation and 20 semester hours as follows:

4 MGMT-350 International Business
4 MKTG-381 Marketing Research
4 MKTG-382 Consumer Behavior
2 MKTG-485 Marketing Strategy and Management

At least 6 semester hours chosen from the following:

4 LBMM-216 Introduction to Luxury Brand Marketing and Management
4 LBMM-316 Luxury Brand Marketing
2 MGMT-317 International Marketing
4 MKTG-318 Integrated Marketing Communications
2 MKTG-384 Retailing
4 LBMM-416 Intellectual Property and the Luxury Industry
2 MKTG-486 Topics in Marketing
4 PSYC-230 Social Psychology
2-4 MGMT-503 Business Internship
Richard E. Orwig, Ph.D.

Department: Management
Associate Professor of Management

Email Address
Phone Number 570-372-4380

Ali H.M. Zadeh, Ph.D.

Department: Management
Professor of Finance

Paul A. Dion, Ph.D.

Department: Management
Associate Professor of Management

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Phone Number 570-372-4034

Emma Fleck, Ph.D.

Department: Management
Associate Professor of Management

Christine Cooper Grace, Ph.D.

Department: Management
Associate Professor of Management

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Phone Number 570-372-4523

Mark A. Heuer, Ph.D.

Department: Management
Associate Professor of Management

Pat Polwitoon, Ph.D.

Department: Management
Associate Professor of Finance

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Phone Number 570-372-4749

James J. Pomykalski, Ph.D.

Department: Management
Associate Professor of Management

Shan Yan, Ph.D.

Department: Management
Associate Professor of Finance

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Phone Number 570-372-4499

Peter Dadalt, Ph.D.

Department: Management
Assistant Professor of Finance

Lori Ellison

Department: Management
Assistant Professor of Management

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Phone Number 570-372-4745

Minjung Park

Department: Management
Assistant Professor of Marketing

Robert L. Williams Jr., Ph.D.

Department: Management
Assistant Professor of Marketing

Email Address
Phone Number 570-372-4464

Basil Holobetz

Department: Management
Visiting Assistant Professor of Management

Aisulu Lawton

Department: Provost
Academic Assistant

Email Address
Phone Number 570-372-4300

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