Your Susquehanna education won’t stop at the classroom doors.

Student clubs and activities, field trips, events, seminars and study abroad programs all build on the strong foundation you gain in math and computer sciences classes.

Visit the places where mathematics and computer science history is made. Hear from industry experts on the latest breakthroughs. Explore a new culture in GO programs designed specifically for students like you.

What you learn beyond our classrooms will help you fully become the mathematician or computer scientist you want to be.

Class of 1959 Grad Helped Launch Apollo 11

Jon Haussler ’59 graduated from Susquehanna University with degrees in math, physics and chemistry, so it would surprise few that the idea of launching rockets and satellites into space intrigued him.


Test your programming skills and meet other student programmers at the Association for Computing Machinery’s International Collegiate Programming Contest held at Wilkes University and the annual Bucknell Spring Programming Contest. We take students to each of these events, where they compete in teams to solve programming and logic problems.

Student Organizations & Activities

  • Math Club
  • Kappa Mu Epsilon honor society
  • A variety of on-campus jobs, including positions with information technology and tutorial services and assisting professors with grading