The science of patterns

Mathematics is the study of patterns: from the distribution of prime numbers to the distribution of galaxies, from to shapes of soap films to the structure of musical compositions, and far beyond. Because of its combination of generality and precision, mathematics is integral to most areas of modern life, from the sciences to business, politics, and even the arts.

Our major

At SU, we offer courses that provide a solid foundation for careers in applied mathematics or statistics, or for graduate study in mathematics. Our classes are small, especially at the upper level, and our faculty are not only engaged teachers but active researchers, several with international reputations in their fields.

Senior majors spend a semester or a year researching a topic of interest in depth, or in some cases pursuing original research, together with a member of the department.

Or double major…

Because of the substantial overlap in courses, many students find it feasible to double major in mathematics and physics or computer science (or occasionally, to triple major in all three!) Other majors that pair well with mathematics include economics, finance, and philosophy.

A number of our graduates with these majors choose to pursue law, and law schools look very favorably on students having the analytical background that a mathematics major provides.

Engineering options

Interested in engineering? Study here for three years and get your bachelor’s degree in mathematics, and then get an engineering degree from Columbia University, Washington University of St. Louis or Case Western Reserve University through our engineering dual degree program.

Faculty that care 

“I try to build up their confidence and help them understand that it’s normal not to be able to do everything perfectly.”

“Being aware of what you don’t know is a sign of intelligence. The most important thing is to pay attention and ask questions so that you can pick up the needed skills quickly. If you have confidence in your ability to learn, then you can do anything.” — Alathea Jensen, assistant professor of mathematics

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Alathea Jensen, assistant professor of mathematics

Joint Engineering Program 

Study math, computer science or physics at Susquehanna for three years and then study engineering for two years at Columbia University, earning a bachelor’s degree from Susquehanna and an engineering degree from Columbia.


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