From concept to real-world

Tackle real world challenges using math—climate change, medical breakthroughs, new energy resources, corporate business decisions and more.

You’ll study the patterns that surround us, including building design, your cell phone’s operation, the shape of a bubble and even the music on Pandora. Take classes in the rapidly growing field of data mining, where you’ll learn to analyze large amounts of data on web browsing, email and online shopping habits.

As a senior, you’ll spend a semester investigating a subject that especially intrigues you—like Google’s PageRank algorithm, how to win at blackjack or how new roads can actually increase traffic.

Classes are small—especially in the upper levels—so you’ll get personalized attention and support from math faculty who are active experts in their fields.

Interested in engineering? Study here for three years and get your bachelor’s degree in computer science, and then get an engineering degree from Columbia University, Washington University of St. Louis or Case Western Reserve University through our joint engineering program.

Open up a world of possibilities

Our majors have proven that they can analyze, learn new things, find patterns and seek out solutions to complex problems—skills that benefit you in any field. Adding one of our interdisciplinary minors, like actuarial science and data science and analytics, help you gain a better understanding of important topics in today’s world.

Our graduates attend schools like Johns Hopkins, Penn State and George Mason to further study mathematics or engineering or become a teacher.

If you want to do applied mathematics, there is a big demand for your skills. Our graduates work at Wells Fargo, Merck and Verizon. They work for corporations, join government agencies or the military, work in the aerospace sector, or go into insurance.


Study math, computer science or physics here for three years and then study engineering for two years at Columbia University, earning a bachelor’s degree from Susquehanna and an engineering degree from Columbia.

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