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Kate Saint Gillies

After earning a Bachelor of Arts in English and Spanish in Bordeaux, I did a master's degree on literary translation in Avignon. I am passionate about literature, languages and travels. My passion for travels and for adventure led me to travel Australia for six months. After an enriching and inspiring internship in a French publishing house, I taught French in a college in Cambridge (United Kingdom) for 10 months. This experience made me discover my love for teaching my own language.

Jazmin Castro

I was born and raised in Chiapas, Mexico. Since I was very young, I have loved music and singing, and my love for music fed my interest in languages, especially English. I have a bachelor's degree in English Language Teaching (ELT) and a master's in applied linguistics with a focus in ELT.

Like most Fulbright grantees, I love traveling, meeting new people and learning their traditions and ways of thinking. I am so happy to be a Fulbrighter and to have this opportunity to teach my own language. I am learning so much about the American culture, and I am experiencing firsthand what I have learned in books.

Laura Herrera Cárdenas

I am from a small town south of Madrid. Since I was young, I knew I wanted to study languages and to travel around the world. I studied translation and interpreting at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and then earned a master's degree in intercultural communication, translation and interpreting in public services at the Universidad de Alcalá, Madrid.

I took a gap year to travel, working at Disneyland Paris and then as an au pair in London. I taught Spanish to the kids I took care of, and it was an amazing experience. When I came back to Spain, I taught English at a private academy and earned a master's degree in international trade. I have visited U.K., Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Fiji, Vietnam, Cambodia, Russia, Mexico, Canada and now the USA. My next goal is to visit Cuba and India. 

Rene Dannehl

I grew up in a small town in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, in the north of Germany.

After high school, I went to Pakistan for two years to teach German as first and second language and work as a boarding parent for junior and senior high boys at an international boarding school. The time in Pakistan not only widened my horizon, but also allowed me to make friends all over the world from Pakistan to South Korea, the US, Canada and all over Europe.

I then studied ancient Greek and Hebrew at a private school in Niedersachsen, Germany, before studying English, religious education and German as a second language at Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University in Greifswald, Germany.