Determining power through policy, process and government

Were you the kid who naturally gravitated towards civics and history classes? Can you recite the Preamble of the United States Constitution from memory? Do you know what the acronym GOP means? Are you excited about turning 18 so you can finally vote? If so, bring that excitement and enthusiasm to Susquehanna University as a political science major.

Studying political science gives you the tools to understand the world’s power structures, which in turn affect trade, which in turn affects international markets. At Susquehanna, you will study which governments, organizations and individuals influence others and how they do it. The program also is interactive, so you will participate in simulations. Your professors and peers will engage you in stimulating conversations and debate about current topics. You’ll gain valuable critical-thinking skills that you will apply to real-world problems. You’ll learn to work with data rather than fear it. As a part of political science being an applied discipline, you also will join all the other majors in experiential learning either through an internship or international study through Susquehanna’s award-winning Global Opportunities program.

Selinsgrove is next door to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s state capital, and you will have opportunity to network with alumni, as many political sciences graduates have found employment there. The nation’s capital, where politics is the lingua franca, and New York City, also home political organizations like the United Nations, are only three hours away. As early as your first year, you could be shadowing a legislative aide and witness democracy in action.

of students conduct research with a faculty mentor
of students participate in a simulation or other academic activities
of students are trained in data analysis

Follow your curiosity about world governments  

Debate current events, conquer data and unravel global dynamics through immersive internships, study abroad opportunities and engaging discussions with professors and peers. Network with alumni working in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s state capital, and turn your curiosity into action!

Potential Careers

  • Foreign service officer
  • Campaign manager
  • Lawyer
  • Government contractor
  • Nonprofit manager

Recent Employers

  • S. House of Representatives
  • Government Accountability Office
  • City of New York
  • Pennsylvania Office of the Governor
  • Arbor Day Foundation

Alumna To Serve 12-Year Term on Delaware Supreme Court

“You have to have goals in your head of where you want to end up, but also be flexible enough to be willing to pursue the unexpected opportunity that might be a better fit for you. If I had followed my own path, I would never have ended up where I am now.” – Abigail Myers ’01 LeGrow

Judge Abigail Myers ’01 LeGrow was confirmed as a Delaware Supreme Court justice after having been nominated by Gov. John Carney. At Susquehanna, LeGrow earned a bachelor’s degree in political science.

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Studying for a Degree in Political Science

Explore the courses you’ll take on your journey to earning a degree in political science at Susquehanna.

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