A psychology degree can take you anywhere

Whether you’re interested in a career in research, behavioral health, social work, counseling or some other profession, psychology provides excellent preparation.

Our psychology majors have a track record of success in multiple career paths. Consistently accepted to among the best graduate and professional schools, they’ve demonstrated their versatility by excelling in a variety of professions.

Want to be a writer or an attorney? You’ll need to ensure your words resonate. Are you a future business manager or consultant? You’ll have to understand what motivates people and how they interact in groups. These are just a few ways psychology is critical in many careers. For more, click here to access information on the American Psychological Association website.

Real-life experience

Your faculty advisor will help you refine your interests and find a meaningful practicum or internship. You’ll design and conduct your own research and have the opportunity to present it at conferences.

Add another major or minor to gain complementary skills in areas such as management, neuroscience, a foreign language, mathematics, creative writing, health care studies, religious studies or one of our interdisciplinary minors. All of these add value to your psychology major and broaden your opportunities after graduation.


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