Internships, research and field trips help solidify your interest and the things you learn you learn in class.

Student clubs and activities, events, seminars and study abroad programs are all essential to helping you see problems and create solutions. Bond with students who share similar passions. Hear from experts with real-world experience in your field. Get to know faculty in a whole new light. Explore a new city or culture. Wherever you want your career to go, what you learn beyond our classrooms can help get you there.

Won’t you be my neighbor?

New research from the Department of Psychology’s Nick D. Ungson and his Social Identity and Group Processes Lab examines how individuals responded to the stress of the global Covid-19 pandemic and the factors that predict resilience.

Physics, Psychology Cross Circuits in the Lab

Many experimental psychology studies involving animals make use of expensive equipment designed to produce small electrical stimuli to investigate various responses. In collaboration with the psychology department, two physics students have been building an alternative device using inexpensive open-source processing boards to accomplish the same effect.

Nine Students Earn Gilman Awards to Study Abroad

Nine Susquehanna students have been awarded the prestigious Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship, a U.S. Department of State grant program that enables U.S. students of limited financial means to study or intern abroad.

Study Abroad

Our Global Opportunities (GO) study abroad program will expose you to different cultures while teaching you valuable things about yourself.

GO New Zealand

Study abroad in New Zealand with Susquehanna’s GO New Zealand/Aotearoa unique Global Opportunities program.

GO Sweden

Learn how the cultural heritage of Sweden can be traced back to the Vikings and how that heritage influences their health care system.


A practicum, similar to an internship, is a supervised experience that allows a student to gain practical knowledge of a subject previously studied theoretically.

Susquehanna students gain clinical experience through practicums at major medical centers, private health care facilities, local school districts, law enforcement agencies and community organizations.


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