Religious studies major and minor

You’ll gain the religious literacy essential to comprehend and work in our increasingly globalized society. You’ll look at how people think about ultimate questions, whether or not you identify as religious.

Better understand humanity and yourself

Religion touches nearly every aspect of our world and society — literature, politics, current events, history, personal interactions and more.

Contemplate the ultimate questions, think critically and creatively about world religions, and analyze religious texts from various perspectives. You’ll be challenged to become a more compassionate, empathetic and self-aware global citizen.

Interdisciplinary approach

One of our most popular classes, Being Awesome at Life, examines the definition of a good life across cultures and throughout history. Science and Religion take a serious look at scientific and religious claims to find overlaps of agreement.

Other classes cover major world religions and how they relate to fields like ethics, archaeology, philosophy and environmental studies. Adding one of our interdisciplinary minors, like leadership and diversity studies, helps you gain a better understanding of important topics in today’s world.

Your education won’t end in the classroom. Join one of our very active student-run religious life groups. Study abroad through our Global Opportunities program to get a firsthand look at the religions of the world in Europe, Asia, Africa or South America.

Broad-based skills

About a third of our students go on to seminary at schools like United Lutheran Seminary, Princeton Theological Seminary and Yale Divinity School.

The rest acquire essential skills that translate into success in a variety of professions, including social work, non-governmental organizations and writing. Our graduates know how to think critically across disciplines; write clearly and concisely; handle conflicts and disagreement with grace; and encourage productive dialogue.

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