Your Susquehanna education won’t stop at the classroom doors

Internships, research and field trips help solidify your interest and the things you learn you learn in class. Student clubs and activities, events, seminars and study abroad programs are all essential to helping you see problems and create solutions.

Bond with students who share similar passions. Hear from experts with real-world experience in your field. Get to know faculty in a whole new light. Explore a new city or culture. Wherever you want your career to go, what you learn beyond our classrooms can help get you there.

Internships & Research


Study abroad in the Galápagos Islands with Susquehanna’s GalápaGOs unique Global Opportunities program.

GO Iceland
GO Iceland

Study abroad in Iceland with Susquehanna’s GO Iceland through the unique Global Opportunities program.

GO Cuba
GO Cuba

With longstanding travel restrictions to Cuba beginning to ease, you could be among the first U.S. travelers in decades to experience the unique culture of this Caribbean island nation.

Break Through... to Life After Graduation!

Break Through events connect you to sociology and anthropology alumni who have been exactly where you are and who want to help you as you move toward graduation and beyond.

Take a Career Trek to visit alumni working in major cities, or let them come to you during the student-alumni networking conference held on campus each year.

Either way, you'll get tips on everything from how to make the most of your college experience to landing your first job. 

Student Clubs & Organizations

  • Sociology and Anthropology Club
  • Pi Gamma Mu