Delve into the world of human interaction

Explore society at every level — small groups, subcultures, cultures, organizations and institutions — and study how people interact.

When you study sociology here, you’ll learn to think critically about how race, class, gender, sexuality, law, culture, social media, social movements and the state impact individual, lived experience.

In and out of the classroom

In classes like Crime and Justice, you’ll examine the dimensions, causes and costs of crime in the U.S. and consider the uses and limitations of our justice system in dealing with them.

Your learning isn’t limited to the classroom. Explore social justice through our Arlin M. Adams Center for Law and Society, or put your knowledge to work in internships with local government, criminal justice and social welfare agencies.

Cap off your studies with a semester or year-long research project you select guided by a dedicated faculty advisor.

Develop useful and competitive skills

Studying sociology builds critical thinking skills and the ability to examine complex questions — skills valued by employers in all fields. You’ll learn there are multiple ways to approach any given problem.

You will design research projects, analyze data and identify useful ways to investigate questions about public policy, public health, community development, globalization, education and the law.

Adding one of our interdisciplinary minors, like international studies and public policy, help you gain a better understanding of important topics in today’s world.

Our graduates thrive in government and social policy, business, social welfare and education careers. They also pursue advanced graduate degrees and law school.


Employers say they want well-written, creative and analytical thinkers. Add in the ability to look at issues critically and the tools to do research, and it’s easy to see why sociology and anthropology majors are in high demand.

You’ll explore different cultures and your own opinions in an inclusive environment. And the career options open to you will be amazing. You’ll be prepared to enter market research, education, museums, international relations, community development, information technology, business or anything else you can imagine.

What you to do here transfers to any and every career.


Museum Studies

As a museum studies minor at Susquehanna University, you’ll get practical experience in a museum and gallery settings while exploring topics in art history, history and anthropology.


Student & Alumni Profiles

Hear straight from students just like you. Or read stories from successful alumni who’ll tell you just how far a degree in sociology or anthropology can take you.


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