Piecing together the fabric that binds humans to one another

Are you a people watcher? Do friends seek your counsel about relationship problems because you offer sound and reasonable, but empathetic, advice? Do you surmise about the effects artificial intelligence will have on human interactions? If so, majoring in sociology may be the ideal choice for you to continue your study of and interest in the complexity of human behavior.

Sociology and social theories touch all aspects of human life, how people behave in private and public settings, how groups behave toward other groups and how cultures interact with other cultures. At Susquehanna University, you will study the full breadth of the discipline, including, but not limited to, social justice, race, crime and punishment, family and kinship, and globalism and development. Most importantly, you will be well educated in the latest quantitative and qualitative research methods in selectively small classes with talented teachers, who are fully engaged in ongoing and contemporary research. And your learning isn’t limited to the classroom. Explore social justice through the Arlin M. Adams Center for Law & Society or put your knowledge to work in internships with local government, criminal justice and social welfare agencies.

All students work with a faculty mentor to complete a capstone project that reflects the knowledge and wisdom you have gained at Susquehanna. Your critical-thinking skills and ability to tackle complex issues will make you a desirable candidate on the job market in many fields, such as the law, government, NGOs, education, politics and nonprofits. Whatever direction your path takes you, Susquehanna will be there every step of the way to prepare you for success.

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Enter here for a career in law

Susqehanna has a fabulous pre-professional tract for those who want to put their people and legal skills to work, a new major in legal studies.

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Legal Studies

“Susquehanna helped me to think critically about the world and ultimately led to many research and leadership opportunities. These opportunities, along with work-study Jobs, allowed me to have a broad range of transferable skills and experiences that led to several post-graduate options and prepared me well for graduate school and my career.”

Zadia Bryant ’19

Potential Careers

  • Human resources manager
  • Lawyer
  • Sociologist
  • Business analyst
  • Social worker

Recent Employers

  • U.S., Department of State
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Duquesne University
  • Bucknell University
  • Goodwill Industries

Graduate School Placements

  • University of Massachusetts
  • Dusquesne University
  • Adelphi University
  • American University
  • University of Maryland

Public policy makes the world a better place

If you want to become a changemaker for the public good, look no further than studying public policy, which leads to meaningful careers where you can have an immediate effect.

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Explore the courses you’ll take on your journey to earning a degree in sociology at Susquehanna.

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