What can diversity studies do for you?

Learn to look at the world through a different lens and value the richness of the human experience. With a minor in diversity studies, you’ll examine the experiences of others, while gaining a better understanding of your own.

Ready to become a more informed citizen of the world?

You’ll explore how issues of race, social class, culture, gender, sexuality and ethnicity shape our society, our daily lives and our own understandings of the world.

The diversity studies minor will help you broaden your awareness of from a variety of viewpoints. You’ll appreciate the role diversity plays in creating more dynamic communities, engage in conversations about cultures and social structures, and learn how to apply that knowledge to your daily life.

In addition to specific diversity studies courses, you’ll draw from classes from a range of disciplines — anthropology, communications, history, Jewish studies, philosophy, political science, religion, sociology, and women and gender studies.

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