Protecting and restoring life on Earth

From day one as a Susquehanna environmental studies major, you will actively contribute to a more just, resilient and sustainable future.

Examine complex interdependencies between human, nonhuman, and nonliving earth systems at local and global levels. Explore diverse academic fields in natural and social sciences, literature, religion, politics and business for solutions to human-caused problems like climate change and species extinction.

Join professors in semester-long community-based environmental research or in partnership with Chesapeake Conservancy. Your research can take you through Susquehanna’s rich ecosystem and local watersheds, on a study abroad journey, and into our unique living-learning laboratories. Gain experience in exciting internships and position yourself for rewarding careers in the New Green Economy.

The research, knowledge and skills you gain at Susquehanna will allow you to face the future ready to address some of the most urgent challenges to life on Earth.

of graduates are employed or enrolled in graduate school within 6 months
of students gain professional experience through internships
of students collaborate with faculty to develop sustainability projects
of students lead campus sustainability efforts

Career paths with changemaking results

Thanks to the environmental studies program’s emphasis on practical experience and interdisciplinary growth, students are well-prepared to put their passions into action. For example, Calli Lambard ’23 and Grant Rowe ’23 were two of only 20 students nationally to win the prestigious Rachel Carson Council Fellowship. Learn what they did with their grant and how they’re making a difference.

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“The value of environmental studies is immeasurable — a commitment to protect our sacred Mother Earth. My environmental studies degree led me into policy work for the Navajo Nation, but more importantly, to follow in the footsteps of ancestors who saw protecting creation as a sacred duty.”

Malia Simon ’21

Potential Careers

  • Environmental lawyer
  • Energy analyst
  • Environmental planner
  • Public policy senior manager
  • Conservation officer

Recent Employers

  • U.S. Forest Service
  • IQIVA Biotech
  • Peace Corps
  • Pennsylvania Environmental Protection Agency
  • Elm Energy Consulting

Graduate School Placement

  • The University of Oklahoma
  • University of Colorado Law School
  • University of California, Davis
  • East Stroudsburg University
  • Virginia Tech


Which environmental degree should I choose?

Choosing the right environmental major can be a challenging task, as Earth & Environmental Sciences, Environmental Studies and Ecology share many similarities.

Environmental Studies

Environmental studies is an interdisciplinary field that explores the relationships between human, non-human and non-living earth systems at different levels. You’ll learn to address environmental challenges caused by humans, including climate change and environmental injustice. Courses include natural and social sciences, literature, religion, politics and business.


Ecology is a branch of biology that examines how organisms interact with each other and their environment. You’ll take courses in biology and environmental sciences. Field and lab projects are an integral part of this major and every student completes a research project with faculty. 

Earth & Environmental Sciences

Earth & Environmental Sciences examines the nonliving components of our environment and how they impact living things. It’s the scientific study of water, rocks, air and soil and their dynamic interactions. You’ll take courses in hydrology, geology, weather, soil science and more, with lots of hands-on field and lab work, culminating in a research collaboration with faculty. 

A living lab at Susquehanna

Nestled within a rich ecosystem with diverse wildlife, Susquehanna University is the perfect place for environmental research. Students gain access to outdoor labs, freshwater biomes, campus gardens, solar arrays and even a beehive with fresh honey. Whatever your focus, the Center for Environmental Education and Research has much to offer.

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Explore the courses you’ll take on your journey to earning a degree in environmental studies at Susquehanna.

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