The Honors Program is devoted to intellectual excellence, exemplified by the creative interplay of teaching, learning, and scholarship. If you are curious and love to explore ideas, the Honors Program is for you! You’ll ask questions and seek answers relentlessly. Your classmates and professors will offer support and encouragement, and they’ll challenge you as well. You’ll be with like-minded students who pursue ideas and knowledge with passion and persistence.

Susquehanna’s Honors Program supports your commitment to discovery and achievement. Your faculty are dedicated to their teaching and to your success.

We select Honors students from the top 10% of the enrolling class academically from all majors. We expect that you will embrace the total Susquehanna experience by contributing as leaders, performers, athletes and community servants in addition to your intense academic commitments.

You’ll follow a sequence of special courses and projects—complemented by discussion groups, lectures, off-campus visits and residential programs—throughout your four years at Susquehanna. You’ll join faculty at special events and conferences sponsored by the National Collegiate Honors Council.

And first-year Honors students will live together in a living-learning community designed specifically for them within a first-year residence hall.

Tiny Dots: Science on the “Nano” Scale

Faculty Lecture by Swarna Basu, Ph.D.

Anthropology and Interdisciplinary Studies

Faculty Lecture by Shari Jacobson, Ph.D.

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Pain: Medicine and the Arts

Faculty Lecture by Martina Kolb, Ph.D.


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