Susquehanna’s Honors Program

Become a future leader in Susquehanna’s Honors Program, where your intellectual curiosity and scholarly pursuits will shape a positive global impact. From your first moment on campus, you’ll be immersed in a group of high-achieving scholars, forging lifelong bonds and benefiting from a dedicated living-learning community. 

Designed for the university’s most academically talented students, this four-year honors experience nurtures your pursuit of intellectual and creative excellence. With a series of specifically structured courses and projects crafted to encourage exploration, Susquehanna’s Honors Program fosters the integration of knowledge across disciplines in intellectually stimulating environments.

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Students Thrive in Honors Program Open Learning

Susquehanna’s Honors Program provides high-achieving students an academic challenge and a chance to pursue truly interdisciplinary studies.

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“I have learned the value and importance of a supportive, collaborative academic setting. These contributions will greatly benefit my personal growth and future as a biochemistry Ph.D. candidate.”

Olivia Basile ’24

Honors Program benefits and opportunities

Susquehanna’s Honors Program offers a world of exciting opportunities! Think engaging classes, more opportunities to interact with faculty, special housing options, exclusive events and activities, and conference funding. Students who fulfill program requirements earn the prestigious University Honors designation on their diplomas. 

How do I apply?

At Susquehanna, the Honors Program is offered by invitation. After students have been admitted to the university, the Honors Committee reviews applications and extends invitations to qualified candidates via email. These invitations go out on a rolling basis.

I’ve been invited to the Honors Program. What’s next?

We welcome you to attend the Honors Program information session at one of our on-campus Student Success Day events. If coming to campus is not an option, please join us for our virtual Honors Program event.

How do honors courses differ?

Honors courses necessitate heightened critical thinking, typically adopting a seminar format in which active participation in class discussions and the expression of personal thoughts and opinions are the standard. Courses may entail a greater volume of writing compared to standard classes.

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