What can a minor in leadership do for you?

Taking an active role in leadership comes with many challenges.

Be prepared to face these head-on ethically and competently with a minor in leadership.

Classes in philosophy, communications, management and psychology will help you gain a better understanding of group dynamics, ethics, personal interactions and other critical issues through this interdisciplinary minor.

These skills are important for virtually any career you'll want to pursue.

Take advantage of your natural tendency to be a leader. With an interdisciplinary minor in leadership, you'll examine the qualities of a good leader and gain needed skills to position yourself well for future opportunities.

A variety of classes, in areas such as philosophy, communications, management and psychology, will focus your attention, in a concentrated way, on a key goal of a Susquehanna liberal arts and science education-preparing you for a lifetime of leadership in a diverse and interdependent world.

You'll learn how to work effectively within a team and solve problems, evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses as a leader, become more responsible for personal and interpersonal actions, and recognize how you can continue to grow and develop as a member of numerous communities within society.

How will this happen?

You'll be required to serve in at least one leadership position on campus. Examples include, but aren't limited to:

  • Becoming a resident assistant
  • Participating in the Student Government Association
  • Being president of a club or an officer of a fraternity or sorority
  • Serving as captain of a sports team
  • Participating in ROTC

The leadership minor will conclude in a final leadership seminar class. In it, you'll reflect on your experience as a leader on campus by engaging in workshop activities and learning how to further enhance those skills beyond Susquehanna University.

The leadership minor is designed to focus attention in a concentrated way on a key goal of a Susquehanna education: preparing students for a lifetime of leadership in a diverse and changing world. The minor allows students to explore the challenges faced by leaders, both today and in the future.

While pursuing the minor, students will examine the qualities needed to serve as ethically trustworthy and competent leaders in a wide variety of venues, such as business, government, community, and the non-profit sector. To complete the minor students are required to serve in at least one leadership position on campus (e.g. as a resident assistant, a member of the Student Government Association, president of a club, officer of a sorority/fraternity, captain of a sports team, participant in ROTC, etc.).

Minor in Leadership. Students minoring in leadership complete 18 semester hours with grades of C- or higher, including LSHP-502 Leadership Seminar and one course from each of the areas listed below.

Double-counting restriction for interdisciplinary minors: only 2 semester hours of this minor may be double-counted toward the student's major.


PHIL-122 Resolving Moral Conflicts

PHIL-125 Justice

PHIL-150 Race, Class and Ethics

RELI-102 Applied Biblical Ethics

RELI-107 Faiths and Values

RELI-315 Being Awesome at Life

RELI-318 Confucian Ethics

Personal Interactions

COMM-191 Interpersonal Communication

COMM-192 Public Speaking

PSYC-101 Principles of Psychology

RELI-316 Doaism, Zen and Authenticity

Group Dynamics

COMM-194 Intercultural Communication

COMM-221 Corporate Communications

COMM-491 Team Communications

PSYC-230 Social Psychology

PSYC-245 Personality

Issues in Leadership

COMM-201 Ethics and Leadership

COMM-321 Crisis Management

MGMT-360 Management and Organizational Behavior

PHIL-223 Business Ethics

POLI-131 World Affairs

POLI-325 Political Leadership

SOCI-102 Social Problems

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