Not only legal eagles are lawyers

The body of law is large and contains multitudes, as Walt Whitman might say, comprising paralegals, legal assistants, court reporters, legal process servers, probation officers, law enforcement officers, law librarians and more. If a legal career appeals to you, but you don’t want to spend an additional four years beyond your undergraduate career memorizing torts cases, majoring in legal studies may be an excellent option for you.

Legal studies is a fairly new major at Susquehanna University. In fact, most of our peer schools do not offer it at all. The Susquehanna program was designed with interdisciplinarity as the focus so that you will be well prepared for a variety of careers. Another highlight of our program is that you will gain real-world experience with a guaranteed, paid internship at the Arlin M. Adams Center for Law & Society. You could write briefs in the district attorney’s office, discuss legal options with judges and clerks in county court or become a court-appointed child advocate.

You will graduate with a strong background in the law, American government, politics, ethics, regulations and civil liberties. You will be a concise writer, critical thinker, problem solver and calm mediator, transferable skills that also will take you place in the world of business. Whichever path you choose, know that your Susquehanna professors will do everything to make your journey a successful one.

of students complete an internship
of students who apply to law school are accepted to one of their top choice law schools
of students learn applied writing skills that support a variety of legal careers

Where legal studies and social studies meet

Make a winning case for your education at Susquehanna University. The Adams Center for Law & Society offers exclusive opportunities to meet legal scholars and pursue valuable internships.

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Adams Center for Law & Society

“The legal studies degree allows for personalization based on my interests, while providing me with professors that go above and beyond to forge improvement. The uniqueness comes from the different paid internships and scholarships that can be utilized to provide invaluable experience in any relevant field. I am prepared to tackle law school, a private law firm occupation or a public government position with ease.”

Kaylee Kauffman ’23

Potential Careers

  • Attorney
  • Legal advocate
  • Human resources manager
  • Court reporter
  • Paralegal

Graduate School Placement

  • Penn State Dickinson Law
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • Penn State University
  • University of Colorado
  • Widener University

Average Salary


2021 median pay for attorneys

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Power, politics and policies

Susquehanna’s political science department can teach you how governments and nations negotiate effectively or fail miserably.

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Political Science

Studying for a Degree in Legal Studies

Explore the courses you’ll take on your journey to earning a degree in legal studies at Susquehanna.

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