Interested in ROTC?

Becoming an officer in the military takes a well-rounded mind with problem-solving experience and the ability to lead.

Our military science program offers two minors:

  • military science
  • strategic studies

A military science or strategic studies minor from Susquehanna combines ROTC courses with those in ethics, policy, philosophy and human interactions.

Adding either of these minors to any major at Susquehanna will help in your quest for self-improvement and leadership in the armed forces.


Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) or military science education is a four-year program designed to prepare college students for Army service as commissioned officers in the active Army, or part-time in the Army Reserve or Army National Guard.

Founded in 1916, ROTC has produced more than one-half million lieutenants for America’s Army. It remains the broadest avenue for men and women seeking to serve as officers in the Army. The Army officer is a prestigious professional who serves as a leader in the most respected institution in America.


“Being part of the ROTC Program at Susquehanna provided me with an opportunity to develop a leadership philosophy as well as an opportunity to serve my country. The Bison Battalion introduced me to cadets in different majors than my own, many of whom became my closest friends at Susquehanna. Participating in a competitive ROTC program helped instill discipline and dedication to improving my physical and leadership abilities. Skills taught in ROTC, such as physical training and developing other cadets, made the transition to leading soldiers an easier process. Choosing to join ROTC at Susquehanna helped shape my college experience and prepare me for my military career.”

— LT. Matt Maasz ’20, U.S. Army

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