Interested in pursuing a legal career?

Our preprofessional law program will guide and prepare you. It’s an advising program that provides resources and guidance to help you assess your interest and readiness for law school. You’ll also benefit from research, experiential and networking opportunities.

Our students have an outstanding acceptance and achievement record at a wide variety of law schools across the country.

Inside the Pre-Law Program

We provide a unique and enriching setting for a combination of liberal arts and preprofessional programming-a combination that is exemplified in the university’s prelaw program.

Prelaw is not actually a major; in fact, you can major in anything you want. There are no required courses. Law schools are more interested in seeing that applicants have developed good writing and critical thinking skills. They are much less concerned with whether or not you’ve learned “the law;” that’s what law school is for!

The prelaw program is designed to help guide those interested in pursuing a legal career and ensure that they have access to all of the available resources. You’ll be able to tailor the program to fit your specific needs and draw from the resources you find to be most valuable.


Prepare to compete in regional and national courtroom competitions.

You’ll be provided with the necessary materials, training and guidance for competition.

This is a valuable learning experience, exposing you to the procedures of a modern-day courtroom and helping you decide whether or not you want to pursue a career in law. You’ll also gain public speaking and logical thinking skills.

Arlin M. Adams Center

The Arlin M. Adams Center gives students and faculty a forum to look at issues impacting human rights, social responsibility, science and technology and constitutional interpretation.

Legal Studies

A major in legal studies can prepare you for law school or life as a conscientious global citizen.

Political Science

You’ll master the ins and outs of international relations, government, politics and public policy in our political science program.

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