Deal sealer for every profession.

No matter your job or career path, sales skills are vital communication tools. The professional sales minor will prepare you to dominate in consultative, solution and transactional selling.

You’ll be sold on the uniqueness of Susquehanna’s professional sales program. While other universities offer sales programs, Susquehanna’s is flexible and broad in that it combines communication studies and business competencies and it easily can be paired with any major. Faculty in management, marketing and communications departments teamed up to make our interdisciplinary minor truly one of a kind.

At Susquehanna, you will study the key principles of sales from instructors with decades of sales experience, practice your newly acquired skills in the classroom and have opportunities to flex your business muscles in real-world situations.

Learn from pros

The professional sales minor will teach you how to navigate the entire sales cycle, from prospecting clients to closing the deal, including relationship-building, negotiation and problem-solving. You’ll boost your natural sales voice and accentuate your major with this engaging interdisciplinary minor. You’ll develop effective communication, networking and sales management skills in the classroom, as well as learn the critical business and communication skills to be a dynamic salesperson.

Added to our degree options, the minor will help prepare you to work in financial and securities sales, medical and pharmaceutical sales (excellent if combined with a biology or chemistry degree), or consumer and business-to-business sales. It is also good preparation if you intend to be an entrepreneur or an independent business owner.

Start selling today

High-performing students will train with professors to compete in national sales competitions that feature Fortune 1000 executives. You will have the opportunity to hone your presentation skills and win over potential corporate sponsors role-playing as buyers.

Take advantage of Susquehanna’s renowned study-abroad program and learn what professional sales looks like in Australia, England, Germany, Japan or another inspiring country. Your experience abroad will bolster your Susquehanna education and enrich your mind and soul, preparing you to be a dynamic leader in tomorrow’s world.

If you are naturally driven or competitive, a performance-based career in selling will be rewarding. Effective sales professionals are well compensated through competitive salaries, commissions, bonuses and profit sharing.

You can utilize a minor in professional sales in just about any career field. Specifically, a professional sales education will develop your skills in these jobs:

  • Sales Manager
  • Sales Engineer
  • Advertising and Media Sales Agent
  • Financial, Commodities and Securities Services Sales Agent
  • Fundraiser
  • Medical Supplies and Technology Sales Agent
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Agent
  • Talent Acquisition or Corporate Recruiter
  • Technology and Software Sales Agent
  • Insurance and Real Estate Agent
  • Training and Development Manager
  • Wholesale and Manufacturing Sales Agent

The minor in professional sales requires a total of 16 credit hours: 12 credit hours of required courses and 4 credit hours of elective classes chosen by you. To complete the minor, you must have a GPA of at least 2.00 and no grade below C- in courses outlined below:


  • 4 COMM-215 Professional Selling
  • 4 COMM-315 Advanced Professional Selling
  • 4 MGMT-438 Sales Management

Choose a minimum of 4 semester hours from the following:

  • 4 ECON-105, ECON-201 or ECON-202
  • 4 COMM-211 Intro to Advertising and PR
  • 4 MKTG-280 Principles of Marketing
  • 2 MGMT-466 Negotiations
  • 2-4 COMM- 504 or MGMT-503 Internship

Credits from this minor cannot double count towards a major. If you complete one of the aforementioned classes from this program as part of a major, you can choose from the alternative electives provided. Students in the business school cannot take ECON 105 to fulfill the requirements of the minor.