A sustainable future starts with you

An increasing number of large corporations are looking for someone like you to help their company become more environmentally and socially responsible for future generations. At Susquehanna, the sustainability management minor is open to all students looking to make an impact in their communities and the world.

You’ll learn the science behind sustainability and how it can be integrated into business decisions.

Inside Sustainability Management

Sustainability is vital to our future.

Whether you are a business or science major, a sustainability management minor will help you gain the necessary skills to make change inside of companies through transparent sustainability accounting and reporting.

Students graduating with a minor in sustainability management will:

  • Demonstrate a broad understanding of the interconnected nature of the economy, environment and society.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the scientific principles underlying sustainability and their application to environmental issues.
  • Synthesize sustainability models and business practices to propose changes to organizational practices.
  • Articulate the ethical reasoning behind corporate social responsibility.


Our Faculty

Jennifer Elick

Associate Professor of Earth & Environmental Sciences

Email Address elick@susqu.edu

Phone Number 570-372-4214

Audrey Eroh

Academic Assistant

Email Address eroh@susqu.edu

Phone Number 570-372-4211

Emma Fleck

Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Marketing

Department Head of Management and Marketing

Email Address flecke@susqu.edu

Phone Number 570-372-4463

Ahmed Lachhab

Associate Professor of Earth & Environmental Sciences

Email Address lachhab@susqu.edu

Phone Number 570-372-4215

Daniel Ressler

Associate Professor of Earth & Environmental Sciences

Email Address resslerd@susqu.edu

Phone Number 570-372-4216

Derek Straub

Associate Professor of Earth & Environmental Sciences

Email Address straubd@susqu.edu

Phone Number 570-372-4767

Katherine Straub

Dean of the School of Natural and Social Sciences

Director of Center for Environ Educ & Research

Professor Earth & Environmental Science

Email Address straubk@susqu.edu

Phone Number 570-372-4318

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