Exploratory option for undecided students

You can be successful focusing on your studies without initially declaring a major at Susquehanna University. In fact, you’ll be making an informed decision after you take time to review degree choices in arts, humanities and sciences programs.

Over 100 new first-year students enter Susquehanna every year without declaring a major and more than 200 change their major in the first year.

According to U.S. News & World Report, undecided students need three main university resources. And we provide them:

Finish in 4 years with great faculty support

At Susquehanna, your faculty advisor gives you personalized support even before you arrive on campus, helping you to finish within four years. And, because choosing a major is really about choosing a career path, our dynamic Career Development Center and strong alumni network are also great resources for you.

Choose from 100+ academic programs

Susquehanna has over 100 majors and minors for you to consider. We’ll help you choose a major, or maybe a dual major, and even an optional minor if you want.

Explore for up to 2 years through our strong general education curriculum

You have two years before you have to declare a major. At Susquehanna, 1/3 of your courses are general education, 1/3 are electives you choose, and 1/3 are in your major. For example, you will take Writing and Thinking in your first year, followed by several writing intensive courses in subsequent years. These courses count toward graduation regardless of your major.

The Central Curriculum is designed to develop layers of proficiency through multiple related courses. Divided into six areas for breadth of study, it allows you to explore:

  • Richness of Thought (Analytical, Literary, Artistic)
  • The Natural World (Scientific)
  • Human Interactions (Social, Historical, Ethics, Foreign Language)
  • Intellectual Skills (Perspectives, Interdisciplinary, Writing & Thinking)
  • Connections (Diversity, Cross-Cultural Experience and Reflective Seminar)
  • Skills-based intensive courses (Writing Intensive, Oral Intensive, Team Intensive, Diversity Intensive, Ethics Intensive)

Getting Support as an Undeclared Major 

The Career Development Center is committed to supporting undeclared majors through the following strategies: self-knowledge, educational knowledge, occupational knowledge, and experiential opportunities.

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