Women and Gender Studies Is about Ideas and Activism

Gain a new perspective on the world with a minor in women and gender studies.

This practical minor nicely complements any major we offer, including Spanish, psychology, sociology, creative writing  and anthropology. You'll learn to look at the world from a gender-sensitive perspective—a valuable skill no matter what career path you plan to take.

We'll help prepare you for careers in fields such as social work, human resources, criminal justice and healthcare. Many of our minors also go on to pursue Ph.Ds.

Whether you're a history major wanting to examine our past through a new lens, a psychology major looking to better understand gender roles or a creative writing major seeking to fully develop your characters, you'll benefit from a women and gender studies minor.

You'll look across disciplines, personally picking classes in everything from philosophy to biology to politics to art. You'll discover and explore the diverse realities of women's lives, while striving to understand how cultural attitudes and social structure affect both men and women.

While meeting the minor's 20 semester hours, you'll also satisfy many Central Curriculum requirements and meet requirements for your major.

Minor Requirements. The minor consists of 20 semester hours, including WMST-100 Introduction to Women's Studies (4 SH), with the remaining semester hours coming from the array of courses listed under the "Courses" tab, as well as other women's studies courses offered on occasion by individual departments.

Double-counting restriction for interdisciplinary minors: only 4 semester hours of this minor may be double-counted toward the student's major.

Karol K. Weaver, Ph.D.

Department: History
Professor of History

Email Address weaverk@susqu.edu
Phone Number 570-372-4193

Karla G. Bohmbach, Ph.D.

Department: Religious Studies
Professor of Religious Studies


Linda A. McMillin, Ph.D.

Department: School of Arts and Sciences
Degenstein Professor of Leadership

Email Address mcmillin@susqu.edu
Phone Number 570-372-4004

Anna Andes, Ph.D.

Department: Theatre
Associate Professor of Theatre


Christine Cooper Grace, Ph.D.

Department: Management and Marketing
Associate Professor of Management and Marketing

Email Address gracec@susqu.edu
Phone Number 570-372-4523

Gretchen Sue Lovas, Ph.D.

Department: Psychology
Associate Professor of Psychology


Alissa A. Packer, Ph.D.

Department: Biology
Associate Professor of Biology

Email Address packer@susqu.edu
Phone Number 570-372-4217

Lynn E. Palermo, Ph.D.

Department: Langs., Lits. & Cultures
Associate Professor of French


Edward S. Slavishak, Ph.D.

Department: History
Professor of History

Email Address slavishak@susqu.edu
Phone Number 570-372-4539

Coleen Patricia Zoller, Ph.D.

Department: Philosophy
Professor of Philosophy


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