OFFP/OFFS/OFFR-ICELAND GO Iceland: Nature, Culture, Identities

GO Ísland/Iceland Nature, Culture, Identies is a multi-disciplinary, collaborative course designed to familiarize students with methods, theories, approaches, and histories necessary for understanding the formation and representation of national identities in Iceland. The course pays close attention to key sites for such representation, including museums, textual histories, touristic narratives, cultural festivals, and organized efforts to "reclaim" nature and tradition. Historical imagination is one primary program focus, as are understandings of difference and power; identity politics; and nationalism, citizenship, tourism, and globalization. Coursework, travel and fieldwork, and reflective components will pay careful attention to contemporary issues of economy, environment, and community to look carefully at relationship(s) between national histories, lived contemporary experience, and the representation of "Icelandicness" to national and international visitors. 2SH. CC: Cross-Cultural.