OFFP/OFFS/OFFR-ISRAEL GO Jerusalem: Interfaith Encounters

Primarily based in the Old City of Jerusalem, the crossroads for the three Abrahamic faiths, students will meet, study, pray, socialize and engage in community service with groups from Jewish, Muslim, Christian and other religious organizations. In addition to an immersive living and learning experience in the Old City, we will also stay on a traditional kibbutz in the Galilee and engage with Jewish, Christian, and Muslim communities. Our experience will end in the city of Tel Aviv, allowing students to experience the range of contrasts that compose contemporary Israeli life. The trip will help students develop an understanding of the fundamental challenges and opportunities of interfaith engagement and the importance of tolerance and respect for divergent views. We will explore the range of religious diversity found here, as well as differences and challenges to common narratives that have shaped Western faith and thought. There are no course prerequisites, but students must demonstrate an interest in interfaith engagement and an openness to faith-based, peace and coexistence programming.  2 SH. CC: Cross-Cultural.