OFFP/OFFS/OFFR-PHILIPP Philippines: Service Learning

In the spring semester students take a course in which they study Filipino culture, history, language, religion and cuisine. Students are graded on the basis of papers, quizzes and a final exam. The second part of the program is a two-week service-learning trip to the Philippines. The first week focuses on a service project in the provincial city of Lipa City in Batangas Province. The second week begins with a visit to United Theological Seminary in Dasmarines, Cavite Province, for a presentation and discussion led by faculty of the seminary. The majority of the second week is spent in Manila, working at the Kanlungan Shelter for children. There are also side trips, typically to the Manila office of the International Justice Mission and the island fortress of Corregidor. 2 SH. CC: Cross-Cultural.