PHYS-105 Independent Thought and Explorations in Physics

This course serves as an introduction to how physics developed in the last couple of centuries. The objective of this course is to give the foundations for understanding the cornerstones of physics and a general understanding of the concepts of science. The students will learn how to approach physics problems without a provided outline, and they will be expected to find their own solutions to the assigned problems with subtle but available guidance. The instructors will be on hand for help but will not provide direct solutions to the posed problems. The students will need to work actively and independently at the material. However, they will be working in teams of two or three people, where collaboration between team members is encouraged. All resources will be provided for the students to successfully complete the assigned task. The posed questions will be common experiences in physics that people generally deal with every day but don't really understand the concepts behind and, in most cases, don't even know that they were issues 200 years ago. There are no prerequisites to this course, just the interest to find out about the world in which we live. 4 SH. CC: Scientific Explanations, Writing Intensive.