Nothing prepares you for the world of work more than on-the-job learning.

That is why virtually all business students choose to complete at least one internship. Even better, about half of our students complete an internship in a foreign country.

As an intern, you’ll:

  • Apply your academic knowledge in real world settings
  • Learn to function in the professional arena
  • Exercise team-building skills
  • Enhance your networking and overall relationship development skills
  • Narrow the focus of your career plan
  • Be able to better evaluate entry-level positions after graduation
  • Impress prospective employers with your unique skills

Internships are similar to extended job interviews. Many recent SWSB graduates have received job offers at higher starting salaries as a result of their internships.

The Sigmund Weis School of Business internship program is available to all business students. Internships usually take place during the summer, but can also occur during the school year. While they are designed to provide academic credit, some are paid.

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Today’s career paths are full of twists and turns, so you’ll need the skills to last a lifetime of job searches and career shifts.

A crucial first step is securing an internship, and the Career Development Center is here to help. We can help you find internship opportunities, review your resume and cover letter and even help you secure housing and transportation.


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