The Four-year Business Path

We’ll keep you on task and on track to graduate job-ready in four years. That’s the plan from day one at the Sigmund Weis School of Business.

With the guidance of faculty advisers and mentors, you’ll follow a logical progression of courses that starts with Global Business Perspectives during your first year and culminates with a capstone Business Policy and Strategy course that hones your analytical and communications skills.

This unique “bookend” approach immerses you in hands-on learning that mirrors the business world and provides logical checkpoints that measure experience and growth.

You’ll also find plenty of time to play a sport, study abroad, participate in campus clubs and organizations, and take advantage of internships and job shadowing opportunities.

Business students are among the most active on campus and grow to be leaders both in and out of the classroom.

Global Business Perspectives Course

More than an intro course!

You will dive right in to the decision-making challenges that business managers face through our Global Business Perspectives (GBP) course, which is required for all first-year business majors.

Like some survey courses, it will help you understand the many disciplines — from accounting and finance to human resource management and marketing — that play a role in business. But that’s where the similarity ends.

Through GBP, you’ll get hands-on business experience and develop teamwork and presentation skills while you tackle a real world case study.

How does the course work?

You’ll be divided into teams to research and analyze a publicly traded company and then develop recommendations to further its success. Upper-level business students serve as team mentors and help you prepare for a multimedia presentation before a panel of visiting executives.

Graduates come back to tell us that their GBP experience was transformational in their understanding and appreciation of the competitive world of business.

Professional Mentoring Program

Mentorship is important, which is why all students at Susquehanna have faculty advisors during their entire Susquehanna career. Additionally, its important to have advising from real-world professionals.

All sophomores in the Sigmund Weis School of Business are paired with industry professionals as mentors. This allows you to learn from, network with, and get advice from professionals who will have insights and perspectives which will help you as you prepare for about internship and career opportunities.

International Internship Program

All students at Susquehanna University study away, most go abroad during their junior year. The Sigmund Weis School of Business is unique in that we guarantee you the opportunity to complete an internship in a foreign country.

The experience will help you learn about another culture with even more enhanced perspective.  The skills you gain will help you stand out on your resume and in the job market.

Capstone Course

During your senior year, you will prepare to enter the workforce by taking an intensive, highly collaborative capstone course.

Business Policy and Strategy ties together all previous academic work, builds your communication and presentation proficiency, and helps you find the right job for you.

You’ll meet in small group sessions three times a week to analyze real world case studies and compete against each other in group presentations. Through this process, you’ll learn team dynamics and gain a greater understanding of how leadership, ethics and responsibility will advance your career.

Professors who lead this class have extensive real world business experience. They also connect students to successful alumni who offer guidance and support.

Approximately 10 times each semester, Sigmund Weis School of Business alumni visit this class to judge presentations, conduct mock interviews, discuss the challenges and opportunities of their fields and network with you.

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