ANTH-110 Introduction to Archaeology

The discipline of archaeology involves the study of past societies, their practices and behaviors deduced by the analysis and interpretation of their material remains. It is therefore our only access to the three million years of human history before writing. This course is an introduction to method and theory in anthropological archaeology, with consideration of selected case studies. The course begins with an introduction to the history of the discipline and then focuses on archaeological methods and theory to provide a background to the practice of archaeology. Students will learn concepts, methods and techniques required in archaeological excavation and the analysis of material remains. They will have the opportunity to research and discuss problems in anthropological archaeology. The latter half of the course will take the students through a review of some of the major archaeological discoveries of modern times. This will provide a unique opportunity to review past surveys and excavations and to evaluate and critique past efforts in light of current archaeological theory and practice. 4SH. CC: Social Interactions.