SOCI-235 Qualitative Research Methods

This course is designed to develop students' competence as social researchers. We will cover both theoretical issues-like the epistemology and ethics of qualitative research-and practical ones-the nuts and bolts of the research process, from data collection to analysis. The course will focus on the connection between researchers' theoretical goals and the practical resources and constraints of the research process. Students will be trained in some of the common forms of qualitative social research: ethnography, interviews, content analysis, case studies and the comparative method. Students will also be required to employ qualitative methods to collect and analyze original data, both for (near-weekly) short written assignments and a 15-20 page final research paper. Prerequisites: Sophomore standing and at least one introductory course in sociology or anthropology. Same as ANTH-235. 4 SH. CC: Ethics Intensive, Writing Intensive.