SOCI-245 Quantitative Research Methods

This course is intended to introduce students to common methods used in quantitative social science research. It is intended to help us conceptualize a research problem and how to collect evidence to address that research problem. Students will learn how to conduct basic quantitative social science research, evaluate relevant evidence and determine the best method to be used based on theoretical and practical considerations. The course also focuses attention on such issues as the time dimension, sampling design and ethical issues when conducting quantitative social research. Finally, we use SPSS and series of datasets to test and demonstrate our knowledge of the respective statistical procedures. Upon completion of this course, students should be better able to critically evaluate the quantitative research they encounter in their social science coursework and in the mass media, as well as be able to design a basic quantitative research project. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing. Same as ANTH-245. 4 SH. CC: Ethics Intensive.